PTO Actions

Our impact on the Pinewood community

In pre-pandemic times, PTO had an annual budget of roughly $25,000 cash, most of which was raised in the fall with our yearly Apex Fun Run, and spent down by spring on teacher and administrative requests like the examples listed below. In addition, we have a budget of roughly $5,000 of Scholastic Dollars earned by hosting book fairs that is a major funding source for the media center. In this exceptional year, requests have changed, and so has fundraising. Having such little carryover year to year, we have so far been unable to grant many of the teacher requests we are still receiving. The teachers and staff are performing under the hardest of circumstances, and needs will only get more complicated in the foreseeable future.

Here are some examples of requested expenditures in the last few years:

  • Field trip transportation

  • USB docking stations for 4th grade, 5th grade & Kindergarten

  • System of literacy-building books for Kindergarten classrooms

  • Seat Sacks for 1st and & 3rd grade table seating classrooms

  • Sleds for outdoor winter gym classes

  • Media center books and supplies

  • Canopy Tent for outdoor P.E. activities

  • I love to Read program games and prizes

  • Ipad Station for charging and security in technology classroom

  • Sphero Bolt Kit for technology class projects

  • Postage stamps for teachers to send messages and supplies to students during spring 2020 quarantine

  • Thank you snacks for teachers and banner for end of year drive-through parade

  • Spanish language books for EL classroom

  • Battery chargers and equipment for Lego League

  • 24 Ipads for 2nd grade classrooms

  • Upgraded soundboards for music and phy ed activities and family programs

  • Forehead thermometer for nurse's station

  • GaGa Ball pit for playground

We're all about community.

In addition to fundraising for teacher and administration requests, the PTO hosts community building events like Movie Nights for all students, teacher appreciation meals, and the Spring Carnival.