Parent Directory

Add your info to the directory


  • If you've been in the Membership Toolkit directory before, simply log in to and update or confirm your information. You'll have access to the directory immediately.

  • If you are new to the Membership Toolkit directory, click "Create Account." Register using the email address you've given to the school. Enter your information. You'll have access as soon as we've verified your child's enrollment.

  • If you have any trouble, reach out to us.

Membership Toolkit also offers a mobile app. Download and log in and you'll always have the directory in your pocket!


I was in a directory at one point, but I never logged in to Membership Toolkit. Is my information still in the directory?

Our old directory software, MySchoolAnywhere, was taken over by Membership Toolkit. If you were in the previous digital directory, your information is also in Membership Toolkit. But in order to be listed in the visible directory you need to create a membership toolkit account and decide which information gets published.

Is the directory public?

No. The directory is only visible to users who create an account and log in. PTO will verify enrollment before granting access to new users.

Will the PTO sell my information?

Absolutely not. We will never sell or use your contact information for non-PTO purposes, and you control the information other directory users see.

More questions? Contact us for help!